Tier 1 / Tier 2 Technical Support (Help Desk)

Tier 1 / Tier 2 Technical Support (Help Desk)

PSI provides both Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels of technical support. Our objective (and proven track record) is to escalate no more than 2% of callers to your Tier 3 resources for problem resolution. In fact, we typically escalate less than 1% of technical support calls. When an escalation is required, we do so via a PSI website that your resources can readily access with status tracking/reporting/accountability. You not only get a synopsis of the issue, but can remotely access our entire contact/troubleshooting history with that customer.

Depending upon product complexity, our agents receive up to 3 months of training and practice calls before taking their first actual call. Even then, they are closely monitored for the first month to ensure that they are correctly identifying “root” causes and conveying appropriate corrective actions. On-going refresher training, product updates and regularly scheduled agent “round tables” support an environment of continual process improvement.

Working in concert with you, we develop standardized call coding tables to capture relevant call metrics such as brand, product, type caller, reason for call, troubleshooting actions taken, final call resolution, etc. Immediately upon call completion, this standardized call coding is written into a SQL Server database and available to our reporting Portal.

Via our Portal, you can view call/problem trend lines, create “top xx” Pareto charts, monitor effects of product changes on problem frequency, create reports by organization (e.g., engineering, manufacturing, sales, etc.), track average problem resolution times (e.g., avg. # days to resolve), etc.

And, we are very proactive. We will come to you with suggestions as to process changes to reduce call times, changes to your website/user manuals to reduce the number of calls for assistance, etc.

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