29 Mar

Technical Customer Support: Primary Objectives

Customer service call centers in Michigan are built to provide state of the art services to clients and maintain robust relationship with customers. As the name suggests, customer support services is a unit which serves customers with their top-class services and applications.

Customer Support is the primary objective of Customer Service Call Centers and this is the reason that it is dealt with extreme precision. There is no other alternative to customer support. Appropriate and latest technology combined with well-equipped staff makes call center customer service to be delivered the best.

Our Services:

For over 15 years, PSI has been providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support call center services to Michigan’s consumers, professional installers and dealers in a variety of industries. Our top notch services include

  1. inbound/outbound call support
  2. email inquiry responses, chat services
  3. scheduling/coordination of on-site installation support, and more.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced customer care representatives who act as an extension of your business, answer product/program questions, locate the nearest store/participating dealers, take orders, answer billing questions etc.
With real-time access to customer history, order information, and other significant data, our customer service reps cannot only address customer inquiries, but spot and promote revenue opportunities for your business.

Our cost effective customer services have been recognized by big brands, which ensure that the corporate image is maintained at the highest level. Thus we have managed to gain the reputation of being the best customer service call center in USA.

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