Other PSI Services

Other PSI Services

As a “blended” contact center, PSI’s team of professionals have the expertise and technology to support any type of “contact” program. In addition to customer service and technical support, other examples of our services are:

Inbound Programs

  • Program Enrollment (including multi-location coordination & appointment setting if needed)
  • Lead Referral (support TV/radio/print promotions & route leads to nearest participating dealer/store; leads may be rotated to ensure equal sales opportunities)
  • Obtain “Intake” information and capture electronic consent signatures (for law firms)
Live Chat Button on Modern Computer Keyboard. (v4)

Email/Live Chat

  • Respond to email inquiries generated by your Contact Us page, promotion website, etc. (we respond within one day; responses can be standardized or customized to the point where a customer never receives the same wording even if there are multiple communications for the same issue)
  • Increase the customer interaction available on your Corporate website by adding Live Chat

Outbound Programs

  • Prospecting programs (identify/qualify prospective new customers & new dealer/franchise prospects; services include appointment setting)
  • Customer Contact (maintain regular contact with key customer personnel to highlight current promotions, new product announcements, etc.; immediately forward selling opportunities to sales organization for follow-up)
  • Cross-Promotion Support (facilitate coordination between stores/employees of different companies who are conducting a joint sales/marketing program)
  • List cleaning (update contact information used for promotions, customer communications, etc.; Append desired new information – e.g., email addresses)
  • Survey research (customer satisfaction, build customer profiles, identify customer buying intentions, product/promotion feedback, etc.)


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